Concert Reviews

Mind of Winter
“The concert’s most special presentation was that of Michael Jon Fink’s Mind of Winter for soprano saxophone and small orchestra. The work . . . showcases the unusually expressive coloration of this unique instrument sound. It was truly first class. This is a wonderfully serene and uncomplicated piece that is yet sophisticated in structure.”
Santa Monica Outlook

“Fink’s Mind of Winter was a meditative, lyrical piece. Using a celesta, bells and harp, it painted a misty, grey—toned picture in simple, transparent textures and rhythms. There was something almost Zen — like in its straightforward melodies, sometimes made up of only a few notes echoing through the orchestra.”
The Daily Review



Temptation to Flower

“Michael Jon Fink’s ‘Temptation to Flower’ an ink—still-wet piece . . . is a lustrous lament — now tender, now vaguely ominous.”
LA Times

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Spring Steps into Darkness
“Fink scored his piece for the most delicate and subtle of sounds. His notes pluck sounds from an orchestra like a musician plucks a string instrument. What came off most strikingly were the intriguing drops of sound combining mixtures of instruments while the rest of the orchestra remained silent. These were pinpoints of sounds rather than pieces of a melody — they both demanded and rewarded your undivided attention rather than lulling you into a pattern.”
Lancaster Sentinel


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