A Temperament for Angels (CB0017)

“The disc by Fink, accompanied by a quotation from Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Duino Elegies’, is a miniature masterpiece. The cymbals, the sampled keyboards and the strings combine to form a continuum, like waves in oscillation, side by side, superimposed, overtaking. The composer, who has been with the label right from the start, is confirmed as a master of sensitivity and good taste. In his personal interpretation of historical minimalism, there is a warmth, a presence and a deep involvement which is extremely rare.”

SandsZine (Italy)

The Complete 10″ Series from Cold Blue (CB0014)

“Continuing with ‘classical’ instrumentation, Michael Jon Fink’s solo piano and chamber pieces come next. These are achingly beautiful, limpid works that occupy a territory similar to that of Satie, Mompou, or Harold Budd. Yet they reveal a lapidary elegance and melodic sensibility of their own, a range of quiet emotions that shifts slightly with each listening”


r e v i e w s   o f   Michael Jon Fink: I Hear It in the Rain (CB0004)

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